About Future Vision Consultancy

We help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.

Assisted Career Guidance(Management Expert)

Future Vision Consultancy enjoys the trust of millions of job seekers and students who have received our recruiters/admission assistance and guidance in their endeavour for overseas/domestic recruitment and education. Our team are trained to take a proactive approach in identifying prospective candidates and provide suitable services to them. A prior appointment with our team will allow him or her to spend some time with you and provide useful tips on how to plan your career and future.

Our Expertise

Future Vision, since the last 8 years has a track record of providing world class recruitment and admission for all their clients in India and abroad. We specialise in providing manpower recruitment services in Gulf Countries wherein candidates are handpicked by our Recruitment Managers. We at Future Vision Consultancy believe that recruitment is not the end solution to our task. With our protract experience and our in depth understanding of international recruitment procedures, we provide end to end solutions which bridges the gap between the employer and the employee, bringing them together. Our expertise lies in providing placement opportunities for job seekers throughout the world. This extends to fulfilling the candidates immigration rules set forth by both country ‘s governments. That’s not all we play a crucial role by helping the candidates relocate, providing them all the required travel related information about their new employer, their location and the kind of lifestyle they need to adapt to when they travel to the specified country.

Our Office & Infrastructure

 We have a spacious 3000 Sq.ft. fully equipped work area office. with air-conditioned cabins to conduct interviews ,equipped with Computers, Intercom, Copier Machine, Secretarial Assistance and Transportation for Client.
 Powerpack generator installed to ensure uninterrupted Power supply.
 Elite Interview cabins and conference rooms for client’s with fax, phone etc.
 Security surveillance cameras are installed in all the sections to monitor the activities of the candidates during the interview.
 Waiting hall for candidates is available .
 Total support from competent administrative staff.
 Situated merely 18 km from the airport and 4 km from the railway station.
 Excellent connectivity to other parts of the city.